• Publications

    Journal Papers

    1. D. Ruths, J. Ruths. Estimating the Minimum Control Count of Random Network Models. Scientific Reports, vol. 6, article 19818, 2016. [PDF]
    2. S. Ghosh, J. Ruths. Structural Control of Single-Input Rank One Bilinear Systems. Automatica, vol. 64, pp. 8-17, 2016. [PDF]
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    4. P.N. Taylor, J. Thomas, N. Sinha, J. Dauwels, M. Kaiser, T. Thesen, J. Ruths. Optimal control based seizure abatement using patient derived connectivity. Frontiers in Neuroscience. vol. 9, no. 202, 2015. [www] [PDF]
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    6. J. Ruths, D. Ruths. Control Profiles of Complex Networks. Science. vol. 343, no. 6177 pp. 1373-1376, 2014. [Science Referral: AbstractPDF, Full_Text] [Science_Perspective] [Public_Video] [Research_Video]
    7. I. Wijayasinghe, J. Ruths, U. Büttner, B. Ghosh, S. Glasauer, O. Kremmyda, J.-S. Li. Potential and optimal control of human head movement using Tait-Bryan parametrizationAutomatica, Vol 50, Issue 2, pp. 519–529, 2014. [PDF]
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    12. D. Stefanatos, J. Ruths, J.-S. Li. Frictionless atom cooling in harmonic traps: A time-optimal control approachPhysical Review A, 82, 063422, 2010. [PDF]
    13. J.-S. Li, J. Ruths, D. Stefanatos. A pseudospectral method for optimal control of open quantum systemsJournal of Chemical Physics, 131, 164110, 2009. [PDF]

    Conference Papers

    1. J. Thomas, S. Ghosh, D. Parekh, D. Ruths, J. Ruths. Robustness of Network Controllability to Degree-Based Edge Attacks. 5th International Workshop on Complex Networks and their Applications, Milan, 2016.
    2. Murguia, J. Ruths. Characterization of a CUSUM Model-Based Sensor Attack Detector. 55th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), Las Vegas, 2016.
    3. Urbina, J. Giraldo, A. Cardenas, N. Tippenhauer, J. Valente, M. Faisal, J. Ruths, R. Candell, H. Sandberg. Limiting the Impact of Stealthy Attacks on Industrial Control Systems. 23rd ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS), Vienna, 2016.
    4. Murguia, J. Ruths. CUSUM and Chi-Squared Attack Detection of Compromised Sensors. IEEE Multi-Conference on Systems and Control (MSC), Buenos Aires, 2016. [PDF]
    5. Sabaliauskaite, G.S. Ng, J. Ruths, A. Mathur. Empirical Assessment of Corrupt Sensor Data Detection Methods in a Robot. IEEE International Workshop on Dependable Software and Applications, Atlanta, 2016.
    6. C. Murguia, J. Ruths, H. Nijmeijer. Robust Network Synchronization of Time-Delayed Coupled Systems. 6th IFAC International Workshop on Periodic Control Systems (PSYCO), Eindhoven, 2016.
    7. Ruths, S. Ghosh, B. Ghosh. Optimal Tracking of Version and Vergence Eye Movements in Human Binocular Control. European Control Conference, Aalborg, 2016.
    8. B. Mannot, J. Ruths. Sensitivity of Network Controllability to Weight-Based Edge Thresholding. 7th Workshop on Complex Networks (CompleNet), Dijon, 2016.
    9. S. Ghosh, J. Ruths. Closing the gap between controllability and structural controllability. 54th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), Osaka, 2015.
    10. Z. Costello, J. Ruths, M. Egerstedt. On the Construction of Local Interaction Rules that Perform Global Linear Computation. 54th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), Osaka, 2015.
    11. G. Sabaliauskaite, G.S. Ng, J. Ruths, A. Mathur. Experimental Evaluation of Stealthy Attack Detection in a Robot. 21st IEEE Pacific Rim International Symposium on Dependable Computing (PRDC), 2015.
    12. S. Ghosh, J. Ruths. On Structural Controllability of a Class of Bilinear Systems. 53rd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), Los Angeles, 2014. [PDF]
    13. D. Parekh, D. Ruths, J. Ruths. Reachability-based Robustness of Network Controllability under Node and Edge Attacks. Workshop on Complex Networks and their Applications, Marrakech, Morocco, 2014. [PDF]
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    17. J. Ruths, D. Ruths. Robustness of Network Controllability under Edge Removal. Proceedings of Complenet 2013, Complex Networks IV, Spinger, pp. 185-193, 2013. [preprint PDF]
    18. J. Ruths, A. Zlotnik, J.-S. Li. Convergence of the multidimensional pseudospectral method for optimal ensemble control. 50th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Orlando, 2011. [PDF]
    19. J. Ruths, J.-S. Li. Optimal ensemble control of open quantum systems with a pseudospectral method. 49th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), Atlanta, 2010. [PDF]
    20. J. Ruths, D. Stefanatos, T.-Y. Yu, J.-S. Li. A universal computational method for optimal pulse design in NMR & MRI. Proceedings of 2011 NSF Engineering and Innovation Conference, Jan. 4-7, Atlanta, GA.
    21. J.-S. Li, J. Ruths, Optimal sampling and design of MR pulse sequences. Proceedings of 2009 NSF Engineering and Innovation Conference, June 22-25, Honolulu, HI.
    22. J. Ruths, J.-S. Li, Global climate change: control theory methods for a coupled climate model with carbon-cycle feedbacks. 2nd International Symposium on Energy and Environment, McDonnell Academy Global Energy and Environment Partnership, Dec. 2008.
    23. J. Ruths, J. Sousa, A. Girard, Controlled vehicle exchange and allocation in dynamic teams. Proceedings of the ASME International Mech. Eng. Congress and Exposition, November 5-11, 2005, Orlando, FL.

    Educational Conference Papers

    1. Liu, Y. Zhang, J. Ruths, D. Moreno, D.D. Jensen, K.L. Wood. Innovations in Software Engineering Education: An Experimental Study of Integrating Active Learning and Design-based Learning. 120th ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, 2013.
    2. Tsai, K. Natarajan, S.D. Ahipasaoglu, C. Yuen, H. Lee, N.-M. Cheung, J. Ruths, S. Huang, T. Magnanti. From boxes to bees: Active learning in freshmen calculus. IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON), 2013.

    Talks  (invited*)

    • Winter Workshop*, Complexity Institute at Nanyang Technological University, Feb 2016
    • Research Group, MIT, May 2015
    • Controls Group, Harvard University, May 2015
    • Electrical Engineering, Rice University, May 2015
    • Control, Dynamics, and Systems Seminar, University of Colorado, May 2015
    • European Conference on Complex Systems*, Lucca, September 2014
    • Institute of High Performance Computing*, A*STAR, Singapore, July 2014
    • Control & Signal Processing Seminar*, University of Melbourne, June 2014
    • Biomedical Engineering Seminar*, University of Melbourne, June 2014
    • International Conference on Computational Science, Cairns, June 2014
    • Winter Workshop*, Complexity Institute at Nanyang Technological University, Feb 2014
    • Novel Technologies for Neurology Workshop, Nanyang Technological University, May 2012
    • Barbados Workshop on Control in Biological Systems*, McGill Univ. Bellairs Research Institute, April 2012
    • Chemistry*, Technische Universität München, Jan. 2010