• Opportunities

    I am always looking for eager and motivated people to work with.  If you are not interested in getting paid, I’m sure we can find you a good project, just email me. If you are looking for financial support, contact me use these guidelines:

    • Undergraduate research (current UTD students) – send me an email!
    • Undergraduate/MS international internships – I do not have funds to support this, so there is no need to contact me.
    • MS students – because a MS program is 2 years and a PhD is around 5, investing in PhD students makes more sense than MS students. Unfortunately it is difficult to make the time very productive, so I tend not to fund MS students.
    • PhD students – see below.
    • Postdocs – email me with your CV and top 3 publications.  Postdoc hiring is a bit more sporadic – I will typically post here if I have an opening.

    Contacting Me About PhD Advising:

    Professors receive a lot of emails from students.  Selecting an advisor and for me selecting a student is a big decision.  To help get to know each other please submit the following items in a single email to me. I guarantee if you send me all these items, I will look at your email!

    1. Your resume/CV, which includes all GPA, GRE, and language test scores (TOEFL or equivalent).
    2. Scanned copy of your transcript(s).
    3. The research paper or class/lab report that demonstrates your best work.
    4. Complete this miniproject and attach a PDF of your solution.  This is meant to take a maximum of 6 hours.  Do not spend days on this.

    If we schedule a Skype chat, please select and read two of the following papers (my papers).  During our discussion I would like to hear your summary of the main idea of the paper, questions to clarify your understanding (you are not expected to understand everything), and at least one or two ideas on future research directions for this work.

    Control of Networks (computational)
    Control of Networks (theoretical)
    Cyberphysical system security
    Optimal control applications

    PhD Project Topic Areas

    MS Projects (or ambitious undergrads!)

    • Simulate and optimize the natural trajectories of head & eye dynamics.
    • Implementation of control methods we develop on a physical testbed – you will get experience working with an industrial SCADA-type control system.
    • Classifying different types of complexity to discover generality of management strategies

    Implementation Projects

    The following are implementation projects.  While not directly towards research (probably no papers will come out of these) these have the potential of being paid positions, depending on expertise.  These will be an excellent introduction to atmosphere of research for undergraduate students interested in pursuing research long-term.

    • Implement an optimization workflow & environment, including creating a webservice that receives/manages jobs and does automatic post-processing to generate human readable synopses.  Should you pursue this project, you should enjoy Linux and data tables, know what django is, and create fireballs of awesomeness with Python.
    • Various iOS (possibly other mobile device) programming.
    • Visualizations using d3js.