Source code for netcontrolz.profile

This module implements functions surrounding the calculation of control profiles for networks.

.. seealso::

    J. Ruths and D. Ruths (2014). Control Profiles of Complex Networks. Science, 343(6177), 1373-1376.

from zen.digraph import DiGraph
from zen.exceptions import type_check

from dilations import num_dilations

__all__ = ['profile']

[docs]def profile(G,**kwargs): """ Compute the control profile for the directed network ``G``. **KwArgs**: * ``normalized [=True]`` (``boolean``). Indicates whether each element in the control profile should be normalized by the number of controls. **Returns**: ``(s,e,i)``. The control profile consisting of the source controls, external-dilation controls, and internal-dilation controls. Un-normalized, these values with the the number of each. Normalized these values will be the fraction of all controls needed by the network belonging to each type. """ # this only works on directed graphs type_check(G,DiGraph,'Only directed graphs are supported') # load keyword arguments normalized = kwargs.pop('normalized',True) type_check(normalized,bool) Nc = float(max(num_dilations(G),1)) # source dilations Ns = float(G.num_sources) # external dilations Nsink = float(G.num_sinks) Ne = max([0.0,Nsink - Ns]) # internal dilations if Nc == 1 and Ns == 0 and Nsink == 0: # this condition handles the case where the network consists of one or more cycles # thereby requiring only one control to drive all of them. Ni = 0 else: Ni = Nc - Ns - Ne if normalized: return (Ns/Nc, Ne/Nc, Ni/Nc) else: return (Ns,Ne,Ni)