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    Carlos Murguia (Eindhoven University of Technology)
    Carlos Murguia received his Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM), Mexico City, Mexico in 2007. He continued his education at the Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute (CINVESTAV), Mexico City, Mexico, where he obtained a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering in 2009, specializing in mechatronics and control theory. His master’s thesis was entitled “Lateral Dynamics Control of a Single Rotor Airship“. In November 2010, Carlos started his PhD research in the Dynamics and Control group at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Eindhoven University of Technology, working on controlled synchronization in networks of diffusively coupled nonlinear systems with Professor Henk Nijmeijer. His research interests include nonlinear dynamics, nonlinear control, cyber-physical systems, synchronization, consensus, observer design, and time-delayed systems.


    Past Group Members

    Supratim Ghosh, Postdoc – Supratim now works as a lecturer at SUTD
    Jijju Thomas, Research Assistant 
    Rajnish Kumar, Research Assistant 
    Nikhil Jain, SUTD-MIT Dual Degree Masters Program (2013-2014) – Nikhil now works at Amazon 126.
    Kimberly Toy, MIT Undergraduate Exchange Program (2012)